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Daniel Laurent

Daniel Laurent

IT Engineer / Consultant

IT Engineer
Support Engineer
System Engineer
IT Specialist
Driving License
Jakarta (12430) Indonesia
Unemployed Available
Passionate about science, technologies and finance, I have spent my years being interested in technical and financial knowledge. In such, I am always in search of new subjects to learn, practice and develop.

Graduated as «Master of Science – IT Engineer», from ESI-SUPINFO International University, my expertise focuses on LAN/WAN IT network projects, Network & System implementation, Information System optimization and Customer Service.

Some of my experiences involved Marketing, so I am very familiar with a variety of sales techniques and I have acquired excellent customer service skills. My experience includes promoting products, accepting orders and making delivery arrangements, conducting presentations and representing the company at trade shows and similar events to encourage sales.

Having always traveled since my youngest age, I have no reservation or hesitation in being sent to different location for business reasons.

Take a moment to explore my skills and achievements in Project Management, IT Training, IT Implementation and Deployment, Product Presentation and Support which I've cultivated over the years.
  • In charge of analyzing the structuring of the data and their distribution, to analyze the needs of the company and its various departments, to analyze the architecture of their information system and to search for a more efficient solution. less onerous for employees.
  • Technical counselor for sales and HR department
Detailed Description
  • Following the creation of the IT and Engineering divisions, Michael Page had a database that was not suitable for these two divisions. Their system was also outdated and time consuming. After several weeks of careful observation, in each department, of employee's daily routine, I've noticed that the search for data is through the use of a basic third-party program, called "Profile", to access the ORACLE 8i database. A very simple design but complicating the work of employees, wasting time on a daily basis and forcing the employee to have to type all SQL queries almost word for word.
    After research in the market as well as on the internet concerning the last big requests in the world of CRM, I wrote a detailed report explaining the current functioning of their system, insisting on a restructuring of their Information System and presenting different solutions in terms of CRM-oriented Business software, as well as the contribution of an evolution towards using a Data-warehouse for the company worldwide to use as a whole.
    Among the suggested software was Business One, Siebel and Business Objects. As for the Data-warehouse, it would be on Oracle 10g.
    The Management took the report into consideration for the better part of the following year and decided to act upon it. I was informed later on that they chose to integrate Siebel as the querying solution and to put the Data-warehouse in place for the company.
Company Description
Established in 1976 in the United Kingdom, Michael Page is now globally recognized by its clients and candidates as the leading recruitment and temporary agency specialist in many countries. With their consultative approach to recruiting talent, they have built expertise in specialized recruitment for companies from multinationals and are now active in over 155 offices in 36 countries.
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