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Daniel Laurent

Daniel Laurent

IT Engineer / Consultant

IT Engineer
Support Engineer
System Engineer
IT Specialist
Driving License
Jakarta (12430) Indonesia
Unemployed Available
Passionate about science, technologies and finance, I have spent my years being interested in technical and financial knowledge. In such, I am always in search of new subjects to learn, practice and develop.

Graduated as «Master of Science – IT Engineer», from ESI-SUPINFO International University, my expertise focuses on LAN/WAN IT network projects, Network & System implementation, Information System optimization and Customer Service.

Some of my experiences involved Marketing, so I am very familiar with a variety of sales techniques and I have acquired excellent customer service skills. My experience includes promoting products, accepting orders and making delivery arrangements, conducting presentations and representing the company at trade shows and similar events to encourage sales.

Having always traveled since my youngest age, I have no reservation or hesitation in being sent to different location for business reasons.

Take a moment to explore my skills and achievements in Project Management, IT Training, IT Implementation and Deployment, Product Presentation and Support which I've cultivated over the years.
  • Integrating the Security Department my responsibilities was the management of security certificates and optimization of Nagios Centreon for supervision
Detailed Description
  • Following the evolution of network certificate security and monitoring technology, IT-CE whishes to update/upgrade their security and monitoring capabilities. As such, I was put in charge of configuring and optimizing SNMPv3 communications between different sections and / or computer network equipment, supervision of their states and their information, the monitoring and management of security certificates and their secure keys.
  • SNMPv3 Evolution:
    Configuring SNMPv3 on network equipment, Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Trust Group Infrastructure (TGI).
    Mapping of Management Information Base (MIB).
    OID and related values identification.
  • Nagios Centreon optimization for supervision:
    Programming SNMPv3 querying scripts using Perl.
    Programming network equipment's states and information publishing scripts using PHP.
  • Security certificate management:
    Certificate creation or renewal.
    Oversee Certificate validity & expiry.
  • Technical & Procedural documentation:
    Define requirements but also the possible solutions in the establishment of a monitoring platform for the "Certificate Management Factory" project.
    Define Certificate creation & renewal procedures.
    Describe and explain the various certificates, PKCS standards, X.509 extensions and file conversion procedures.
Company Description
Groupe Caisse d'épargne is a French semi-cooperative banking group, founded in 1818, with around 4700 branches in the country. The group is active in retail and private banking, as well as holding a significant stake in the publicly traded investment bank Natixis.
Groupe Caisse d'épargne merged with the BFBP (Banque fédérale des banques populaires) in July 2009, and became BPCE, the France's second largest bank.

IT-CE is the Technological center of the group's Banks. Called the IT Bunker, its main mission is to give life to the bank of the future. They imagine, concretize and constantly deploy new projects. As value creators, they bring new services and new banking offerings to life, new ways of interacting with Bank clients, and new, simpler, more agile ways of working.
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