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Daniel Laurent

Daniel Laurent

IT Engineer / Consultant

IT Engineer
Support Engineer
System Engineer
IT Specialist
Driving License
Jakarta (12430) Indonesia
Unemployed Available
Passionate about science, technologies and finance, I have spent my years being interested in technical and financial knowledge. In such, I am always in search of new subjects to learn, practice and develop.

Graduated as «Master of Science – IT Engineer», from ESI-SUPINFO International University, my expertise focuses on LAN/WAN IT network projects, Network & System implementation, Information System optimization and Customer Service.

Some of my experiences involved Marketing, so I am very familiar with a variety of sales techniques and I have acquired excellent customer service skills. My experience includes promoting products, accepting orders and making delivery arrangements, conducting presentations and representing the company at trade shows and similar events to encourage sales.

Having always traveled since my youngest age, I have no reservation or hesitation in being sent to different location for business reasons.

Take a moment to explore my skills and achievements in Project Management, IT Training, IT Implementation and Deployment, Product Presentation and Support which I've cultivated over the years.
  • Part of the Transition & Deployment Service, in charge of accompanying the customer's employees during the Transitions. Offering training to customer's employees in using the different software & services given to them for their tasks.
Detailed Description
  • Econocom's biggest customer in Belgium being Le Forem (Belgian Walloon unemployment office), they offer them their services in remote support, ticketing office and equipment supply, as well as ITIL revolved development and IT training. Le Forem counts over 150 offices and 25 training centers throughout Walloon Belgium, to which i have been sent to each and everyone of them during my contract with Econocom.
    My responsibilities during those development was to ensure and monitor the good implementation of equipment and systems, such as the new Windows 10 based Dell computers and new HP printers, and the presence or installation of designated software employees use in their daily tasks (such as Office 365 with OneDrive and their candidate and company database).
    Among my other tasks during these implementation, is to also add the new printers in the system and reconnect employee's personal cloud storage and accounts on Sharepoint.
    Roughly 6500 PCs and 1500 printers were succesfully implemented and configured.
  • During changes, Le Forem employees needed to transfer all their personal network storage data to their newly created cloud storage on OneDrive.
    Employees are closely informed and followed in this task by Transition and Deployment representatives, such as I.
  • More importantly is the offered training to Le Forem's employees in using the new Windows 10, the new software of Office 365, OneDrive, Sharepoint, as well as the web based Office 365. More than 500 employees trained.
  • Among my attributed tasks is also to accompany employees in reporting any issue or difficulty with their devices or software, and to help them report it to the support center as well as report to the Support HQ of any malcontent and thoughts expressed by employees about their old or new equipment.
Company Description
A European provider of business-to-business digital services. Founded in 1974 by Jean-Louis Bouchard as Europe Computer Systèmes (ECS).
Currently employs 10,700 people, has 40 years experience and 7.0 million digital assets managed.
The group’s three areas of business are Technology management & financing, IT & Telecom Services, and Products and Solutions.
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