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Daniel Laurent

Daniel Laurent

IT Engineer / Consultant

IT Engineer
Support Engineer
System Engineer
IT Specialist
Driving License
Jakarta (12430) Indonesia
Unemployed Available
Passionate about science, technologies and finance, I have spent my years being interested in technical and financial knowledge. In such, I am always in search of new subjects to learn, practice and develop.

Graduated as «Master of Science – IT Engineer», from ESI-SUPINFO International University, my expertise focuses on LAN/WAN IT network projects, Network & System implementation, Information System optimization and Customer Service.

Some of my experiences involved Marketing, so I am very familiar with a variety of sales techniques and I have acquired excellent customer service skills. My experience includes promoting products, accepting orders and making delivery arrangements, conducting presentations and representing the company at trade shows and similar events to encourage sales.

Having always traveled since my youngest age, I have no reservation or hesitation in being sent to different location for business reasons.

Take a moment to explore my skills and achievements in Project Management, IT Training, IT Implementation and Deployment, Product Presentation and Support which I've cultivated over the years.
  • Part of the Transition & Deployment Service, in charge of accompanying the customer's employees during the Transitions. Offering training to customer's employees in using the different software & services given to them for their tasks.
Detailed Description
  • Econocom's biggest customer in Belgium being Le Forem (Belgian Walloon unemployment office), they offer them their services in remote support, ticketing office and equipment supply, as well as ITIL revolved development and IT training. Le Forem counts over 150 offices and 25 training centers throughout Walloon Belgium, to which i have been sent to each and everyone of them during my contract with Econocom.
    My responsibilities during those development was to ensure and monitor the good implementation of equipment and systems, such as the new Windows 10 based Dell computers and new HP printers, and the presence or installation of designated software employees use in their daily tasks (such as Office 365 with OneDrive and their candidate and company database).
    Among my other tasks during these implementation, is to also add the new printers in the system and reconnect employee's personal cloud storage and accounts on Sharepoint.
    Roughly 6500 PCs and 1500 printers were succesfully implemented and configured.
  • During changes, Le Forem employees needed to transfer all their personal network storage data to their newly created cloud storage on OneDrive.
    Employees are closely informed and followed in this task by Transition and Deployment representatives, such as I.
  • More importantly is the offered training to Le Forem's employees in using the new Windows 10, the new software of Office 365, OneDrive, Sharepoint, as well as the web based Office 365. More than 500 employees trained.
  • Among my attributed tasks is also to accompany employees in reporting any issue or difficulty with their devices or software, and to help them report it to the support center as well as report to the Support HQ of any malcontent and thoughts expressed by employees about their old or new equipment.
Company Description
A European provider of business-to-business digital services. Founded in 1974 by Jean-Louis Bouchard as Europe Computer Systèmes (ECS).
Currently employs 10,700 people, has 40 years experience and 7.0 million digital assets managed.
The group’s three areas of business are Technology management & financing, IT & Telecom Services, and Products and Solutions.
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  • In charge of the study of the hotels' structure and the provision and installation of equipment necessary for the provision of Internet access via WIFI. Offering also remote or on location support, maintenance and counseling.
  • In charge of researching and suggesting different Hotel Management platform or software.
Detailed Description
  • Analyzing each hotel's terrain distances, as well as all possible obstacles and reporting on different equipment needs to hotel Manager.
    Each hotel being fairly wide and composed of thick walls, a long range wifi router was necessary. In such Linksys WRT 1900AC were installed in each one and appropriate WiFi extenders such as the TP-Link AC1750 (RE450) or Linksys RE6500 AC1200.
    All equipment were also protected from tempering and theft, as per my request, by mounting metal cage with an opener requiring a key or by bolting them the surface of their whereabouts.
    Equipment were bought and brought from Belgium, as local stores do not possess these devices and shipping from abroad is near impossible for some of these location.
  • During research of Hotel Management platform, many were found but few corresponded to employer's needs. Among the suggested were Hotelogix, Frontdesk Anywhere, Business Plus Accounting and Odoo.
    Manager proceeded in evaluating these choices but also made a call for tender to different solution company for a custom made platform.
Company Description
A New chain of exclusive hotels owned by Alain Hazan offering very unique experience. Currently the chain has three different hotels on three different locations: Mahe (Seychelles), Praslin (Seychelles) and Marrakesh (Morocco).
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March 2015 to January 2018
  • Offering consultancy and maintenance services to customers
  • Integrating the Security Department my responsibilities was the management of security certificates and optimization of Nagios Centreon for supervision
Detailed Description
  • Following the evolution of network certificate security and monitoring technology, IT-CE whishes to update/upgrade their security and monitoring capabilities. As such, I was put in charge of configuring and optimizing SNMPv3 communications between different sections and / or computer network equipment, supervision of their states and their information, the monitoring and management of security certificates and their secure keys.
  • SNMPv3 Evolution:
    Configuring SNMPv3 on network equipment, Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Trust Group Infrastructure (TGI).
    Mapping of Management Information Base (MIB).
    OID and related values identification.
  • Nagios Centreon optimization for supervision:
    Programming SNMPv3 querying scripts using Perl.
    Programming network equipment's states and information publishing scripts using PHP.
  • Security certificate management:
    Certificate creation or renewal.
    Oversee Certificate validity & expiry.
  • Technical & Procedural documentation:
    Define requirements but also the possible solutions in the establishment of a monitoring platform for the "Certificate Management Factory" project.
    Define Certificate creation & renewal procedures.
    Describe and explain the various certificates, PKCS standards, X.509 extensions and file conversion procedures.
Company Description
Groupe Caisse d'épargne is a French semi-cooperative banking group, founded in 1818, with around 4700 branches in the country. The group is active in retail and private banking, as well as holding a significant stake in the publicly traded investment bank Natixis.
Groupe Caisse d'épargne merged with the BFBP (Banque fédérale des banques populaires) in July 2009, and became BPCE, the France's second largest bank.

IT-CE is the Technological center of the group's Banks. Called the IT Bunker, its main mission is to give life to the bank of the future. They imagine, concretize and constantly deploy new projects. As value creators, they bring new services and new banking offerings to life, new ways of interacting with Bank clients, and new, simpler, more agile ways of working.
Company website
  • Sent on different missions to manage VMware systems, set up Windows 2012 servers as well as configuring and maintaining systems and networks at different clients
  • Technical & Pre-sales representative for Sophos products
Detailed Description
  • Saint-Joseph Hospital 2012 Server Migration:
    The St. Joseph Hospital is a private non-profit general hospital located in Marseilles' 8th district. It accommodates, in its 30 departments and units, almost all the medical, surgical, obstetrical specialties and has a modern technical platform. It is the 1st non-profit private hospital in France by its activity, 3rd maternity in the PACA region and the 2nd private employer in France.
    In its need to keep up with the technology in IT, the hospital Management requested for a migration of their Windows 2008 R2 Servers to the new Windows 2012 Server operating system. The mission was to create a Windows 2012 Server prototype VMware image with its configuration of Active Directory user rights and services, as well as a prototype image of their Servers and Active Directory, and do a demonstration of the migration to the Information System Department.
    Once satisfied, the migration took place by installing the migration tools, migrating the 2008 R2 AD (with rights, roles and services) via ADFS to the 2012 Server.
  • Joseph Imbert Sophos Safeguard Integration:
    Joseph Imbert Hospital Center is a public health institution located at Arles in France, accomodating almost all medical, surgical, obstretical specialties.
    The hospital wishes to add a layer of security to their data by encrypting them. As such they have made a Call for Tender and, after a demonstration of Sophos Safeguard Enterprise features, they have decided to adopt the solution.
    The Sophos Safeguard Enterprise Server was installed on a VMware Windows server and the Sophos Safeguard clients were installed using multicast.
    Once the server and hosts were configured, we proceeded with the creation of the group policies.
    To finalize the project, the staff were trained in using the client.
Company Description
Founded in 2010 by Joseph Pulicani and Pierre Cadinu, IT-med has distinguished itself with a totally independent technical and commercial approach, allowing it to position itself as a true integrator, with the sole objective of providing the best solutions to your needs in terms of engineering, service, and support.

This positioning does not exempt IT-med from entering into partnerships with the brands that it finds among the most efficient and competitive on the market. It only allows to build tailor-made solutions by combining the best of each world, objectively.

As such, IT-med will always offer two complete and distinct offers to answer problems, in order to assure the customer the most total transparency, and the choice of the most adequate solution.
Company website
  • Technical & Pre-sales representative for Vidyo, Sophos, Kaspersky and Wyse products as well as in charge of their integration in customer's IT infrasructures
  • Technical counselor & Trainer for sales department as well as customers
Detailed Description
  • Technically presenting products in company portfolio (Vidyo, Kaspersky, Sophos and Wyse) to potential customers on a face to face meeting or a video conference as a solution to their request, as well as writing response to Call for Tender.
    Over 50 private presentation made with potential customers.
    Over 10 presentation made in technology or promoted conventions.
  • Septodont Vidyo Integration:
    Septodont is a worldwide innovating product manufacturer and marketer for dental professionals. In the need for long distance video communication to contact their different sites and customers, they have called upon Feeder Group's services to implement a Video Conferencing solution
    After a few presentation of Vidyo and also a direct test of its communication features and capabilities, the Septodont IT Manager agreed on its implementation in their central IT infrastructure.
    The VidyoGateway & VidyoRouter devices was implemented in the company's DMZ and was configured to allow ports 80, 443 and 17992 so as to allow users to access the web portal and to allow the video meeting using the H.264 protocol.
    Once implemented, we proceeded in configuring Septodont's Security Gateway to allow the devices to communicate with the Internet.
    From there tests were run with step by step instructions to different users in accessing the web portal and downloading the endpoint clients on their portable devices, and launching a video conference.
    Once test was satisfactory, we proceeded with calls for client installation to the mix of 100 designated users and centers.
    Following the integration and launch of the product's use, my responsibility was to follow the Septodont's development in the use of Vidyo and to provide remote and on-site support, as well as product updates, whenever needed.
    Customer proceeded, on later dates, in adding VidyoRoom (the standalone video conferencing PC) devices for several of its meeting rooms in different location.
  • VINCI Wyse Deployment:
    VINCI is a French concessions and construction company founded in 1899. It employs over 194,000 people, operates in more than 100 countries and is the largest construction company in the world by revenue. Its head office is in Rueil-Malmaison, in the western suburbs of Paris, and they have 2320 offices and posts throughout France.
    The company operates using thin clients and PCs launching remote OS for all their employees to which they communicate with center servers running Windows Terminal Servers. The thin clients are uniquely of Wyse.
    Following the need to keep with the times, the company decided to resupply themselves with newer versions of Wyse Thin Clients and as such made a mass order of 6460 clients to be deployed in their Ile-de-France offices (Paris and surrounding area). Added to the order is the requested service of installing, configuring and connecting the devices to their IT network.
    The Wyse devices ordered were the ThinOS based Wyse C10 & V10 and the Windows 7 based Wyse C90, V90, R90 and Z90.
    Over 800 Wyse devices deployed, connected and configured by myself.
    Following a previous agreement, the company benefited of our continued remote or on-site support and maintenance.
Company Description
Feeder, Value Added Expert Distributor, has been providing advanced IT solutions to partner resellers and integrators for 30 years.

Specialized in Graphics and Video, Networks and Security, Telephony and VOIP, Feeder relays the commercial and marketing policies of the manufacturers and publishers it represents. The exclusive importer of the Eizo brand in France and Maghreb since 1994, Feeder also distributes Viavi and Man & Machine exclusively. With its pre-sales field presence, Feeder relies on the complementary nature of brands and products to support re-sellers with user companies and offer them business solutions with graphic, medical, financial, industrial and public expertise.

Feeder created the Feeder Group in 2010, comprised of Frame, its Marketing and Implementation branch, and Clarten, its Training Body and Personalized Support branch. Both working together in offering solutions to customer's request.
Company website
  • In charge of setting up the company's IT network, Wi-Fi and access security. Also in charge of the management and upgrade of company’s network and of its security, as well as maintenance and backup of company’s data and network and systems status
Detailed Description
  • Reevaluated in 2009, STEMEX does not have an IT network infrastructure in place, as the staff usually work with more basic means to exchange files among one another, and most of its IT equipment and systems were outdated. The company decided to put a network in place and to supply themselves with up to date computers and printers.
    My responsibilities was to choose these equipment and to set up their IT infrastructure within the budget.
    The choice of network materials installed and configured were the Cisco 890 WiFi Router and two Cisco 2950 Switches. As for the individual computers, the company decided on Dell computers running Windows 7.
    A Windows 2003 Server was put in place, with Active Directory 2003 and Certificate Authority.
    Network addresses were attributed using a DHCP server and the Subnet Mask used accounted for a company growth towards 50 users ( or /26 on the VLAN).
    To Secure the network and the company's stations an ISA server was set up with user rights created.
    The Wi-Fi security chosen was PEAP (more accurately EAP-MSCHAP2) with a self-signed X.509 Digital Certificate.
    The printers chosen were of HP and Canon make.
  • Once the infrastructure in place, I stayed on as an It Administrator, ensuring machines are running and providing support and weekly backups of installation and data, as well as drafting the technical documents for the network and maintenance procedures.
Company Description
STEMEX is an oil and gas small business company founded in 1997. Its purpose was to act as a middleman for oil and gas contractors and their customers, as well as offering exploration services in acquired fields, lands and sea areas where oil & gas companies wishes to build their extraction platforms. They are in charge of the analysis of land and risks, and follow-up of the operation procedures of setting up platforms.
The company operated in several locations in Asia, but are mainly concentrated in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia.
The company has unfortunately closed down after the owner's passing in 2016.
  • In charge of analyzing the structuring of the data and their distribution, to analyze the needs of the company and its various departments, to analyze the architecture of their information system and to search for a more efficient solution. less onerous for employees.
  • Technical counselor for sales and HR department
Detailed Description
  • Following the creation of the IT and Engineering divisions, Michael Page had a database that was not suitable for these two divisions. Their system was also outdated and time consuming. After several weeks of careful observation, in each department, of employee's daily routine, I've noticed that the search for data is through the use of a basic third-party program, called "Profile", to access the ORACLE 8i database. A very simple design but complicating the work of employees, wasting time on a daily basis and forcing the employee to have to type all SQL queries almost word for word.
    After research in the market as well as on the internet concerning the last big requests in the world of CRM, I wrote a detailed report explaining the current functioning of their system, insisting on a restructuring of their Information System and presenting different solutions in terms of CRM-oriented Business software, as well as the contribution of an evolution towards using a Data-warehouse for the company worldwide to use as a whole.
    Among the suggested software was Business One, Siebel and Business Objects. As for the Data-warehouse, it would be on Oracle 10g.
    The Management took the report into consideration for the better part of the following year and decided to act upon it. I was informed later on that they chose to integrate Siebel as the querying solution and to put the Data-warehouse in place for the company.
Company Description
Established in 1976 in the United Kingdom, Michael Page is now globally recognized by its clients and candidates as the leading recruitment and temporary agency specialist in many countries. With their consultative approach to recruiting talent, they have built expertise in specialized recruitment for companies from multinationals and are now active in over 155 offices in 36 countries.
Company website
  • In charge of managing team members for different tasks during missions
  • Sent on different missions to install, configure and maintain operating systems, NAS (Network Access Storage) and VPN connections between offices and hangars
Detailed Description
  • RATP Deployment:
    The RATP Group (English: Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports) is a state-owned public transport operator and maintainer headquartered in Paris, France. Formed in 1949, it has its origins as the city's public transport operator.
    In continuation of a long term agreement, Systemat supply the company with all IT equipment and replaces them with upgraded ones as they become outdated.
    In the scope of our missions Systemat technicians were sent to replace computers and it's peripherals, as well as printers, to several of their offices.
    Computers and Servers were of Dell making and the printers of Hewlett-Packard.
    As Team Leader, my role is not only to participate on the deployment but to distribute tasks to team members so as to ensure quality of work and reduce work time, and file in the reporting of equipment references.
    I have participated in over 4500 computers deployed and roughly 1500 printers, as well as 5 Servers, with different teams.
  • High School and Primary School of France Deployment:
    The Ministry of Education of France is responsible for the continued supply of public school equipment throughout France. In such that employ IT service companies for the deployment of IT equipment. Systemat acquired such a contract with them, and deploys Dell computers and Hewlett-Packard printers to the various High Schools and Primary Schools of the Ile-de-France area when requested.
    With the team, about 600 computers and 150 printers were delivered and placed.
  • Ricard VPN Network and Support:
    Ricard is a French public company founded in 1932 in Marseille, France, by Paul Ricard. It currently belongs to the Pernod Ricard group. The Ricard brand is the global leader in anise-based alcohols, with more than 40 million litres of Ricard sold each year.
    As per an agreement, Systemat offers its technicians services to Ricard as Administrator or Support employee in its different offices, brewery or hangars.
    Sent to its headquarter, my responsibility was to offer IT support and maintenance to its employees, and to configure the VPN connections with the hangars.
  • Nexity Windows image deployment:
    Nexity is a French company that focuses on real estate development and the provision of related services. Its history dated from 1971 but its current name has been established in 2002.
    Systemat has a contract with them to supply IT equipment as well as offering support, maintenance and upgrade services.
    In this case the project was to upgrade Nexity agent's laptop Operating System to a new image of customized Windows XP. The upgrade was done using Norton Ghost.
    140 laptops were ghosted successfully.
Company Description
Information Technology and Services company founded in 1984. Systemat has helped firms meet their technological challenges for more than 30 years. They offer to manage all aspects of customers' IT infrastructure by installing and maintaining a flexible, dynamic system that can be adapted and tailor-made to customer needs.
On March 24th 2016, the company integrated SPIE and together became SPIE ICS.
Company website